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What's the Next Big Thing as Development in Downtown Macon Continues?
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Sunday, 02 March 2014 01:07
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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Development continues in downtown Macon and new businesses are popping up all over town.

Shop after shop, restaurant after restaurant....

Vacant today....Occupied tomorrow.

Or that's what it seems like for officials in downtown Macon. The city is booming with opporutunities to live, work, and play all in the same area.

"This really is the crowning point of the revitalization of downtown, and we're very excited to see it come together," Ben Mask, the property manager at the Dannenberg Lofts, said.

Mask knows all about it. 41NBC toured the new Kinetx facility at the loft apartments. Two more businesses are opening their doors in the coming months.

"Along with the Kudzu Seafood restaurant and the grocery store that's coming downtown, it really is attracting people back down," Mask said.

Back down to an area where, Kris Hattaway with NewTown Macon thinks, businesses are opening on every street corner.

"The Dannenberg has really been a game changer for downtown Macon, but there are so many other developments that are going on as well," Hattaway said.

There's always been a master plan for the revitalization of downtown Macon. Mulberry Street for business, Cherry Street for Entertainment, and now there's Poplar Street.

Hattaway says the opportunities are endless.

"We have phone calls coming in are people coming in that want to relocate or people that want to expand their business and open in downtown. It's a hot place to be right now,"she said.

So....what's next?

"There's always a need for more restaurants and more retail, but retail thrives on rooftops," Hattaway said.

And the area doesn't haev a problem with that either....Hattaway says lofts in the area stay at almost full capacity all year round.

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